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How Yarn is made?



Basic Knitting Techniques

The first way of holding the yarn, which is the way that I have always knit, is to take the yarn, going to the ball, rest it over the last 2 fingers, the pinky finger and the fourth finger.

Then, tie the hand over in the working yarn, going to the needle. Now, you’re holding on here, to attach them as you like it, against the right handed needle, and using this fourth finger to do the wrapping action.

When you tuck the needle under, wrap with this fourth finger and then holding the working yarn here, you have the proper tension to pull the stitch through, and off the needle.

Wrap around with this fourth finger, under, over. You’re not holding on too tightly, tightly enough for tension, but not too tight that you can’t take up this yarn as you keep knitting without too much strain.

The second thing I like about this technique is that because all of the wrapping is done with the fourth finger, it’s really efficient. You can knit really quickly because all the motion is contained right up here, at the top. You’re not doing a lot of hand work. You don’t have to constantly be dropping the yarn. You can get back up again.


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